Churro Stix

The first Churro Stix opened in January 2014 in Canoga Park, California. Our passion for hand crafted, made to order churros was deep rooted long before. Bringing fresh churros (and we mean fresh…our batter is made fresh multiple times daily) to a mall is just the beginning.

Where else can you order churros in a beautifully designed cone, cut up with fresh fruit, filled with an assortment of sauces (including everyone’s favorite – Nutella!), or as a churro ice cream sandwich (aka Yumwich)?

We are revolutionizing the art of churro making and taking it to a whole new level. Our goal is to become the go-to dessert place in every mall! You may not know how delicious gourmet churros can be, but just wait till you take a bite out of our Spanish-style treat—you’re sure to become a fan instantly.